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Making Immigration Matters As Easy As Possible.


Making Your Immigration Dreams Come True

For many prospective immigrants, the American dream can seem far out of reach. If there is a way to attain it, attorney Ramon Irizarry at Empire Immigration Law, PLLC will work tirelessly to help you get there.

Based in Buffalo, New York, Mr. Irizarry has spent more than a decade practicing immigration law. He has devoted his entire career to this niche area because he is passionate about helping people from all backgrounds pursue their immigration dreams. Mr. Irizarry draws on his extensive experience handling hundreds of immigration cases to provide skilled, effective guidance in each new immigration matter. A native of Buffalo, he has deep roots in the area and is passionate about welcoming newcomers and helping them secure the legal status they need to build fulfilling lives here.
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A Comprehensive Immigration Practice

There are many facets of immigration law, and lawyer Ramon Irizarry handles virtually all of them. His comprehensive immigration practice encompasses everything from green cards and U.S. citizenship to employment-based immigration and deportation defense.

Clients find Mr. Irizarry to be compassionate and understanding. He is a good listener, and he knows how to explain complex legal concepts in easily understandable terms.

Talk To An Experienced Immigration Attorney During A Free Consultation

Get answers to your immigration questions during a free consultation. To get to know Mr. Irizarry and learn how he can help you with your immigration concerns, please reach out online. You can also call his firm at 888-606-3005.