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U.S. immigration law is among the most complex legal systems in the world. If you’re looking to obtain legal status in the U.S., avoid deportation, get citizenship, bring a family member here or have any other immigration concerns, attorney Ramon Irizarry at Empire Immigration Law, PLLC can help. He devotes his practice entirely to this complex field of law and has done so for over a decade. As a result, he has the nuanced legal knowledge you need to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of your immigration dreams.

Guidance On All Aspects Of U.S. Immigration Law

Based in Buffalo, New York, lawyer Irizarry can help with any kind of immigration concern. He is well-versed in the many aspects of U.S. immigration law. Read on for more details.

Do You Want A Visa?

You can think of your visa as your ticket to enter the United States legally. There are two types of visas that our lawyer can help you explore based on your personal circumstances. Here’s what you need to know:

Getting A Green Card

A green card can also be referred to as lawful permanent residency. Our attorney can help you with your application process for your green card if this is something that you wish to do. You might want a green card for family reasons or work reasons, and it can be attached to an adjustment of status if you would like to continue to live in the United States legally. Mr. Irizarry can help you with this, as he handles these cases on a daily basis.
You can go through the consular process to get a green card if you are not currently in the United States residing here. You would do this if you have family here or a job here and maybe even just a desire to find those things in this country.
Mr. Irizarry wants to be able to help you get legal status in this country smoothly, no matter what the reason is. Immigrant visas and green cards can often mean you are in for a complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Attorney Irizarry is going to be with you every step of the way to make sure that things are done in a timely manner and you end up with results that you desire in the end. He can set up a consultation with you anytime to discuss your hopes of entering this country or becoming a legal resident.

Process Of Naturalization (Becoming A U.S. Citizen)

Naturalization is the process of becoming a citizen of the United States. To do this, you have to meet certain eligibility requirements in order to file for naturalization. You also need to be able to pass a test, complete an interview and successfully complete all other requirements.
If you are confused about whether this is the right path for you, you should definitely get in contact with attorney Irizarry right away to see if you’re eligible apply for citizenship. It can vary based on your current immigration status, where you were born and where your parents were born. This is an exciting time when you are trying to fulfill the American dream of coming to the United States and living here legally. Mr. Irizarry wants to be with you during this important process to make sure that you feel supported through this journey.

Deportation Defense

Deportation is a real fear for many people. You are likely consumed by thoughts of being deported and taken away from the life that you’ve built. Far too many people live in fear of deportation, and it’s important that you talk to an immigration lawyer to figure out how to fight to keep you here if you are facing removal proceedings. Having the right legal representation is so important for you and your family if you fear being deported. You deserve a lawyer who is going to treat you like family and fight to keep you here like you are our own family. This is scary for you and you might not have any knowledge of what your rights are and what you should expect in the following days. Mr. Irizarry can help you with all of that and ease your uncertainties and worries. Call 888-606-3005 right away to set up a free consultation, whether you are preparing a plan in advance in case you ever are deported or if you are already facing removal proceedings.

Have A Criminal Record? You May Still Qualify.

If you have had legal troubles here in the States before, you might be fearful of pursuing any kind of legal immigration status. Please understand, however, you are not the first person to obtain legal status with some sort of criminal record. A lot depends on the nature of your criminal charges. Mr. Irizarry can advise you of your options based on your specific circumstances.

Oftentimes, people are too intimidated by the process to reach out to a lawyer, either because they have a criminal record or they are here illegally. It is a pity to know that people are losing out on the support and expertise of somebody who handles immigration on a daily basis. Simply meeting with Mr. Irizarry for a free consultation can be so beneficial to you. He would be happy to take your call to schedule a consultation right away. You deserve to have someone fighting for you.

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If you are searching for help with your immigration concerns, please get in contact with Mr. Irizarry right away to take advantage of a free consultation. Call 888-606-3005 or contact him online to get started. Let him help you get better results, sooner.

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