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Investor Visas

Considering Pursuing An Investor Visa?

Getting a green card (lawful permanent residence) in the United States can be a challenging process. Many visa categories are subject to strict eligibility requirements and quotas, which not many people qualify for, and those who do may face lengthy wait times. Finding an employer to sponsor you is one route, but that process too often involves long waits and numerous hurdles.

An investor visa offers a pathway to lawful permanent residence for those with the means to invest in the U.S. economy (as well as their children under 21 and spouse). Securing an investor visa can be complicated, however, as numerous eligibility requirements still apply. Attorney Ramon Irizarry at Empire Immigration Law, PLLC is very familiar with these visas and can help you pursue them. Based in Buffalo, New York, he works with clients around the globe looking to gain legal residency in the United States via the investment route. He has more than a decade of experience handling all aspects of immigration law.

Investor Visa (EB-5) Requirements

As a type of immigrant visa, an investor visa allows you to come to the United States with the intent to reside permanently. This type of visa is also called the EB-5 visa as it is a subcategory of employment-based visas (even though you don’t need an employer to sponsor you, as with the other employment-based categories).

The criteria for getting an EB-5 visa include:

  • Investing either at least $900,000 (for targeted investment areas) or $1.8 million in a new commercial enterprise in the United States
  • Creating at least 10 full-time jobs through that commercial enterprise
  • Being actively involved in the commercial enterprise

There are further detailed requirements for meeting this criteria. In addition, you must meet the general requirements for admissibility to the United States.

Work With An Immigration Attorney Committed To Your Success

The investor visa route can be an intensive process. It’s wise to work with a skilled immigration lawyer from the start to increase your chances of success and minimize any pitfalls.

To talk with attorney Irizarry about your immigration opportunities with an investor visa or another type of visa, please contact the firm online or by phone at 888-606-3005. The firm offers free initial consultations.