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Visa Waivers And Admissibility

Who Is Eligible For A Visa Waiver?

The Visa Waiver Program allows people from certain countries to travel to the United States without a visa and remain here for up to 90 days. They’re available for business or tourism. Currently, 40 countries participate in the program. Strict passport requirements do still apply.

If you’re wondering whether you qualify for a visa waiver, contact Empire Immigration Law, PLLC in Buffalo, New York. Attorney Ramon Irizarry, the firm’s founder, has focused solely on immigration law for more than a decade. He understands the nuances of U.S. immigration law, including visas and is passionate about helping people navigate those laws to accomplish their dreams.

Waivers For Admissibility Issues

U.S. immigration law has strict admissibility requirements for people entering the United States. Certain grounds of inadmissibility can disqualify you from coming here, whether on a temporary visa or a green card. Those grounds include:

  • Certain criminal backgrounds
  • Past presence in the United States without documentation (unlawful presence)
  • Prior deportation
  • Inability to financially support yourself

Waivers are available for certain grounds of inadmissibility, including unlawful presence and certain crimes. To get a waiver, you must complete a diligent application process.

Lawyer Irizarry is familiar with all aspects of inadmissibility and waivers. He can determine whether you qualify for a waiver and, if so, help you apply for one to remove any hurdles on your path to a green card or to the lawful presence in the United States.

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