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2 practical tips that can help with your green card interview

2 practical tips that can help with your green card interview

On Behalf of  | Oct 4, 2022 | Green Card

Your dream of settling in the United States has finally become a reality. You’re nearly there with the immigration process, with only the green card interview to go. 

Preparation for a green card interview is very similar to any other interview. The more effort you put in beforehand, the more smoothly it is likely to go. Outlined below are a few important points to consider. 

1. Familiarize yourself with the environment

Walking into a brand new building for an interview can be quite intimidating. You might be able to soften this a little by going in the previous day. You won’t be able to speak to immigration officers at this point, but at least you’ll get a feel for the venue. Who knows? The same receptionist might be there the day of your interview, giving you a sense of familiarity. 

Another advantage of checking out the interview site the day before is that you can carefully plan your route. Being on time is crucial and running the risk of turning up late will only add to your stress levels.

2. Practice for the interview

Nobody knows exactly which questions they are going to be asked during an interview, but it is possible to get a flavor of some of the key themes. For a green card interview, interviewers will be interested in your romantic relationship, your ambitions when staying in the US and maybe even your educational history. 

All of this is done with the purpose of finding out what type of person you are and whether or not your relationship is sincere. You can practice answering questions related to these matters with a family member or whoever you feel comfortable with.

Preparation is key to a successful immigration application. You’re also going to find it beneficial to have legal guidance on your side. 

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