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3 reasons you could lose your green card

3 reasons you could lose your green card

On Behalf of  | Apr 27, 2022 | Green Card

You might have heard of people losing their green cards after being convicted of an offense. That certainly happens, but typically it would need to be a very serious crime or a series of lesser but still worrisome charges. You are unlikely to lose it just because you get a speeding ticket or a DUI.

You can, however, lose your green card without ever doing anything illegal. Often through a simple mistake that anyone could make. Here are some:

1. Staying out of the country for too long

Getting a green card does not mean you renounce all interest in your home country. What you need to ensure is that the U.S. immigration authorities do not have reason to believe you are not residing in the U.S. That does not mean you need to live here all the time. It means you need to behave like you are a resident.

One way they expect you to act like a resident is to pay tax here. Declaring your income elsewhere might save you money, but it could cost you your permanent resident status.

2. Forgetting to renew your green card in time

Check your card’s expiration date and set a reminder in your calendar for a few months in advance. You could find yourself in a really unfortunate situation if you let your card lapse.

3. The authorities believe your application was fraudulent

Immigration authorities check up on people, and if they spot anything that seems suspicious, they may review your case. For example, if your marriage did not work out, they may suspect you only married for the green card.

Permanent resident status is precious, so do not hesitate to get legal help to protect your green card if you feel it is under threat.

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