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Can you lose a green card?

Can you lose a green card?

On Behalf of  | Feb 13, 2023 | Green Card

A green card is one of the most sought cards by people who want to move to the U.S. If you are eligible to apply for this card, consider doing so, as it allows you to live and work permanently in the country. 

However, it’s possible to lose it. The following are three situations that may lead to losing a green card:

1. Living outside the U.S.

Green card holders who live outside the country for a long period or show interest in permanently living in another country may lose their residency, as this may be considered an abandonment of resident status. If you want to travel to your home or another country for a particular reason, get professional guidance to make the right moves.

2. Marriage fraud

The U.S. offers marriage-based green cards to those who marry a U.S. citizen or a green holder. However, this permanent resident status is conditional if the marriage is less than two years old on the day one became a permanent resident. The status will stay conditional until one proves they did not enter into the marriage to evade the country’s immigration laws. You can remove the conditions after a specified period. Marrying someone for a green card is an offense that can result in the loss of resident status and potentially jail term and fines.

3. Criminal conviction

Not all crimes result in losing a green card, but serious ones can jeopardize your status. Since the immigration office has not listed the specific crimes that can lead to this, it will be best to avoid criminal convictions to protect your status.

Getting and protecting a green card is crucial for immigrants. You should get professional help to understand the process and avoid costly mistakes.    

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