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Does a green card let you bring your kids?

Does a green card let you bring your kids?

On Behalf of  | Feb 6, 2023 | Family Based Immigration

Parents from other countries often try to get a green card so they can travel to the United States to find work. They hope to earn enough to send money home and perhaps also save up so that they can one day bring over their children, who they may have left back home with a relative. One thing that will add to the stress of the separation is the uncertainty that surrounds it all. 

Is being able to bring the children guaranteed?

As with all visas, nothing is guaranteed. Yet, United States immigration laws do allow green card holders to apply to bring their unmarried children and any resultant grandchildren.

If your child is already married, you could look at pursuing citizenship for yourself through naturalization, as only then would you be entitled to apply for them to join you.

Who counts as your son or daughter?

This is how the immigration authorities see it when:

  • The child is your biological child: While fathers are just as entitled to do this as mothers, they may need to show additional documentation.
  • A child you adopted before they turned 16: If you adopted them later there may still be more complex options available.
  • Your stepchild: Provided you married their parent before the child turned 18.

Don’t underestimate the visa application process. Each year many people who have the right to apply ultimately see their applications rejected because of errors they made when submitting them. Consider legal help to increase your chances of success so you can have your children join you as soon as possible.

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