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How do you go from a green card holder to a U.S. citizen?

How do you go from a green card holder to a U.S. citizen?

On Behalf of  | Feb 11, 2023 | Naturalization

Do you consider a green card to be just a temporary stop toward your ultimate goal of becoming a United States citizen? If so, it’s crucial to understand your next steps once you have your green card in your hands.

You cannot apply straight away. You must wait five years unless you are married to a U.S. citizen, in which case you can apply three years after receiving your green card. To improve your chance of success, you need to show you have been residing here, not just holding the right to do so. The minimum requirement is that you have been living here for 30 months since you gained your green card.

You need to demonstrate good moral character

Provided you do not get into any trouble with the police, this should be straightforward. Yet many innocent people get accused and, in some cases, convicted of crimes. Criminal convictions or investigations into you in other countries may also be considered when the immigration authorities assess your character.

You need to pass some tests

The hardest for many people is the English test, so if you find the language difficult, consider getting help to learn. Remember, you need to prove both written and spoken skills.

You will almost certainly need to study for the citizenship test, as many Americans who have lived here their whole life would fail it. The questions come from a standard set, so all you need to do is go online and learn the answers.

Taking legal help to submit your citizenship application will increase the chance you succeed.

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