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How much must you invest to qualify for an investor visa?

How much must you invest to qualify for an investor visa?

On Behalf of  | Jan 27, 2023 | Employment-Based Immigration

Career success is one of the ways to legally enter the United States. Those in high-demand professions can potentially secure work visas that allow them to live in the United States and pursue their careers here. Physicians, researchers, engineers and executives are among those who can qualify for specialized visas based on their professions. Even if you are self-employed or earn your income through investing, you could still potentially secure a visa.

Career success leads to financial success, which could open up additional immigration opportunities. Those who want to invest domestically can potentially qualify for a special visa if they commit sufficient resources to a project or business venture in the United States.

There is an immigrant investors visa program that aims to reward those with the resources to invest in the United States with an opportunity to live here lawfully. The EB-5 visa program offers immigration opportunities for those who make sizable financial investments and create job opportunities for people here in the United States.

How much capital do you need to become an immigrant investor?

There are a few different standards that may apply to those seeking an EB-5 visa. The nature of the investment and the location where their business will operate can influence how much capital they need to have on hand to qualify for a visa.

The EB-5 Immigrant Investor visa program allows those who will create jobs domestically to move to the United States. For most investors, the minimum capital investment to qualify will be $1,050,000. In some targeted areas, an EB-5 visa could be available after $800,000 in investment. Typically, that investment will also need to result in jobs for at least ten employees.

Creating opportunities for others generates opportunities for you

If you have the capital to start your own business or expand a company you already operate to the United States, doing so could be beneficial for the local community and for you as an individual. You and your immediate family members could lawfully enter the United States. Provided that you manage the process properly, you may eventually qualify for a green card and then for citizenship.

Capitalizing on your resources can be a key part of the immigration process, especially for those who hope to qualify for an investor visa.

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