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The goal of a green card marriage interview

The goal of a green card marriage interview

On Behalf of  | Feb 19, 2023 | Green Card

When people hear that they may have to take a green card marriage interview, they sometimes become nervous about what they need to learn. Is there anything they can study? What types of questions are going to be asked? Will their green card be denied if they get the answers wrong?

The problem here may be that they are confusing a green card marriage interview with citizenship proceedings. There are questions that people have to answer before they’re allowed to change their status and become U.S. citizens. But the goal of a green card marriage interview is completely different, and there is nothing you can study for.

The legitimacy of the marriage

Overall, the goal of a green card interview is just to make sure that the marriage itself is legitimate. The only reason that the government offers green cards to married couples is that it wants to keep people in romantic relationships together. The green card is only going to be granted when that relationship is real.

As such, the questions that they ask are going to be about the relationship itself or simply about the day-to-day activities the people engage in. The interviewers are not looking for any right or wrong answers. They just want to see that two people clearly know each other and give similar answers to similar questions – such as where they met, where they went on their first date, who proposed, when they met each other’s families, if they’ve talked about having kids and things of that nature.

Even though you can’t study, it can be nerve-racking to be facing a potential interview, so be sure you know about the legal steps you can take at this time.

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