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What are the test requirements to become a naturalized citizen?

What are the test requirements to become a naturalized citizen?

On Behalf of  | Apr 28, 2023 | Naturalization

For many immigrants living in the United States, becoming a citizen is the true goal of the immigration process. There are many benefits to citizenship beyond the right to permanently stay in the country. People can vote in elections and help their loved ones enter the country after they obtain United States citizenship.

People usually need to be in the United States for years and to be able to pass background checks without any complications to have a chance of becoming naturalized citizens. Those who lawfully enter the country and wish to stay will need to apply to naturalize. The naturalization process involves submitting paperwork to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), followed by attending an immigration interview. That interview will involve testing, and applicants must pass the naturalization tests if they want to become citizens.

Applicants must understand Civics and the English language

There are two tests administered during the standard USCIS naturalization interview. The applicant will need to demonstrate proficiency in English and also an understanding of the history and government of the United States.

The English language test includes four different components. Applicants must demonstrate an ability to speak and understand spoken English. They will also need to prove that they can read and write sentences in English. In some cases, older adults can qualify for English test exemptions.

The Civics test concerning history and government knowledge will be an oral test involving 20 questions. If the applicant answers 12 of the 20 questions correctly, they pass. USCIS does provide a comprehensive list of 128 total questions that could be part of the Civics test.

What if someone doesn’t pass?

Whenever there is a test requirement, people tend to worry about what happens if they don’t pass. The good news is that only a tiny fraction of naturalization applicants fail the test. Those that do will have an opportunity to retake the test one time shortly after they initially fail.

Properly preparing for the naturalization test process and also learning about exemptions that could help someone bypass certain parts of the test can benefit those who hope to become naturalized United States citizens.

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